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That Boy Hi Hat Drops "Ultimate": A Genre-Bending Trip for Discerning Music Listeners and Creative Powerhouses (#altRAP, #AlternativeHipHop)

Updated: May 14

Ultimate by That Boy Hi Hat #altRAP #altHIPHOP #AltMUSIC #cumualtiveWEB

Maryland's musical maverick, That Boy Hi Hat, has unleashed a sonic odyssey unlike any other with his brand new single, "Ultimate." This genre-defying track seamlessly fuses elements of Alt Rap, Alternative Hip Hop, and Alt Music, creating a soundscape that transcends traditional boundaries and caters to a diverse audience of music aficionados.

A Feast for the Audiophile:

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the hip-hop scene, a dedicated follower of alternative music, or simply a curious explorer seeking groundbreaking sounds, "Ultimate" offers a captivating listening experience. That Boy Hi Hat's signature "hippie trippy flow" takes center stage, weaving intricately crafted wordplay into a tapestry of infectious energy and introspective depth.

Music Supervisors, Take Heed:

"Ultimate" boasts a dynamic range and an undeniably infectious energy, making it a prime contender for music supervisors seeking unique and versatile tracks to elevate their next project.  Imagine the track propelling a high-octane chase scene in a blockbuster film, adding emotional resonance to a character's journey in a critically acclaimed television series, or electrifying a pivotal moment in a highly anticipated video game.

Content Creators, Unleash Your Creativity:

"Ultimate" serves as a potent weapon in the arsenal of any ambitious content creator. Its inherent versatility allows for seamless integration into a wide spectrum of video styles, from action-packed montages and epic gaming highlights to introspective travel vlogs and artistic edits.

Embrace the "Ultimate" Experience:

"Ultimate" is now available for streaming on all major platforms. Dive headfirst into the world of That Boy Hi Hat and experience the genre-bending brilliance of this groundbreaking track. Stream or download "Ultimate" now via DistroKid link


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Top 3 suggested websites that would be a perfect for indie music exposure.

  • Pitchfork — A well-respected online publication that covers indie and alternative music. Their target audience aligns perfectly with the description of That Boy Hi Hat’s music, which fuses elements of Alt Rap, Alternative Hip Hop, and Alt Music. Pitchfork is known for featuring up-and-coming artists and innovative music, making it a great platform to showcase That Boy Hi Hat’s genre-bending single “Ultimate”.

  • Complex — A popular online magazine that covers a range of topics including music, fashion, and pop culture. Complex reaches a diverse audience with an interest in cutting-edge trends. The dynamic and infectious energy described in “Ultimate” would be appealing to Complex’s readers. Additionally, the potential for “Ultimate” to be used in video games aligns with Complex’s coverage of gaming culture.

  • INDY Magazine — An online magazine dedicated to independent music. This publication is a great platform to directly reach fans of independent and alternative music. The in-depth description of “Ultimate” highlighting That Boy Hi Hat’s unique flow and introspective lyrics would be well-received by INDY Magazine’s audience.


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